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10 Upcoming Superhero Games You Shouldn’t Miss

Superhero Games

Welcome, Let’s explore the list of upcoming Superhero Games :

Marvel’s Blade

Marvel just announced that the company behind Deathloop, Prey, and Dishonored is developing The Blade. Since it’s not a first-person immersive simulation game, Arcane is breaking new ground with its action-adventure game that falls under the third-person narrative genre. Although the game’s specifics are yet unknown, Blade’s vampire-hunting abilities via a fresh interpretation of the character are probably at the heart of its concept.


  • Hack and slash combat featuring Blade’s signature weapons.
  • The story is set in the modern day with a focus on vampire hunting.
  • Potential for mature content due to the source material.

TMNT: The Last Ronin

A cartoon series with the same title was transformed into The Last Ronin. In the future shown in the game, there are fewer Turtles overall, and one of them is out to get retribution. The new and more graphic novel-focused TMNT franchise approach from Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic will provide gamers with an intriguing and original viewpoint on the heroes in a nutshell.


  • A darker take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Focuses on an aged Michelangelo as the last remaining turtle.
  • Likely features a more mature story and tone.

Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra

Marvel 1943: Hydra Rise is a narrative-driven game features a comic-accurate Captain America and the debut of Azzuri, Black Panther’s grandpa. Production of this game was overseen by the renowned game designer Amy Hennig. It will provide the Marvel universe a fresh perspective and bind the realm of superheroes with historical events.


  • Likely a nod to the classic 1943 shooter game.
  • The gameplay could be a shoot ’em up or a more modern take on the genre.
  • The story is set in World War 2 with Captain America battling Hydra.


Unlike the licensed superheroes, players of Capes, a tactical turn-based superhero game, can build and manage a squad of original superhero characters. Gamers have to battle to recapture their planet and vanquish the evil that has taken over after the heroes have already lost and the villains have taken control. The skills and special qualities of the superhero are strategically centred throughout the game. This offers an other angle on the world of superhero video games.


  • Details are scarce, but the title hints at a superhero game.
  • Possible focus on character customization and creative use of powers.
  • Keep an eye out for further details on gameplay and story.

Marvel’s Iron Man

Motive Studio, the makers of Star Wars: Squadrons and the impending Dead Space reimagining, is working on Marvel’s Iron Man. Although the specifics are not precise, the game aims to provide a new perspective on the Iron Man character and allow the player to feel what it’s like to put on the suit and battle the superheroes.

Marvel's Iron Man Cover image

Credit: Electronics Arts


  • The action game likely centered around Iron Man’s suit abilities.
  • Potential for open-world exploration and high-flying combat.
  • Story details are yet to be revealed.

The Wolf Among Us 2

Another way of implying the Fables comics book The Wolf Among Us 2 is the long-awaited sequel by the Telltale Games franchise. The show draws its plot from the Fables comic book series. Nonetheless, the plot of the original was a beautiful blend of dark humor, fantasy, and mystery, which is what made it a perfect game to play. This proved successful even though there were no superheroes in the game. The day when Bigby Wolf and the amazing Fabletown will again rise is something that fans have been waiting for too long.


  • Sequel to the critically acclaimed narrative adventure game.
  • Choices made in the first game could carry over to the sequel.
  • Expect a mature story steeped in noir detective themes.

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman game by Monolith Productions, the company that made the famous Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War games, is titled only “Wonder Woman.” From the category of open-world action-adventure game, the player takes the character of Diana, the Princess of Amazons, battling to bring together the two civilizations of the Amazon world and ours. With Monolith’s track record, players expect a deep and compelling game.


  • Details are scarce, but likely an action-adventure title.
  • Gameplay could involve combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving.
  • The story centered on Wonder Woman’s Amazonian heritage and heroic deeds.

Marvel Rivals

Marvel and NetEase are codeveloping the hero shooter game Marvel Rivals. Famous Marvel characters will be included in the roster, and a team-based multiplayer action game with interactive settings and unique character skills is promised. Marvel Rivals promises a fresh angle on the hero shooter genre, which might draw fans of the Overwatch series of games.


  • Could be a fighting game featuring characters from the Marvel Universe.
  • Potential for online multiplayer battles and competitive modes.
  • Details on gameplay mechanics and roster are awaited.

Untitled Invincible Game

A video game codenamed Invincible is currently being developed. Inspired by the same-titled Amazon Prime Video series and comic book series. The publisher of the first Invincible CSis, Skyboundnd, is creating it; more specifics are unknown. The action-packed and graphic game attempts to replicate the Invincible universe and let players assume the position of Mark Grayson, the main character.


  • Based on the Image Comics character Invincible.
  • Details are unknown, but could be a superhero action game.
  • Invincible’s powers include flight, superhuman strength, and durability.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Marvel and Insomniac Games collaborated to make Spider-Man, hence Marvel’s Wolverine is the next project. Being the studio that consistently strives to provide an enjoyable superhero experience, Insomniac’s take on the most recognizable X-Men character is the most anticipated. The game will probably give Wolverine a fresh angle and offer players an exhilarating third-person action-adventure, which will keep Berserker enthusiasts engaged.


  • Likely an action game focused on Wolverine’s combat abilities.
  • Claws, healing factor, and berserker rage could be key gameplay elements.
  • Story details are yet to be revealed.

Bonus: Batman Arkham Shadow

Set in the Arkham universe, Batman Arkham Shadow is a VR-only title. The same firm that made Iron Man VR developed it. Like the earlier Batman VR games, this one lets players totally immerse themselves in the Batman universe even if it’s not a full-blown Arkham game.


  • Details are scarce, but potentially a new Batman game in the Arkhamverse.
  • The title “Shadow” might hint at a darker tone or stealth mechanics.
  • Keep an eye out for official announcements from the developers.

Final Words

Fans of Caped Crusaders and the superpowers should find the superhero game portfolio to be wide enough to suit their preferences from many genres and franchises. Marvel Rivals, which are tactical and team-based, or the gloomy and narrative-driven Blade, have something to offer even the biggest superhero enthusiast. Anticipation for the next round of superhero video games keeps growing as existing ones get better.

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