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Fallout 4 Next Gen – Should You Buy It?

Fallout 4 Next Gen


The old invitation to return to the irradiated Commonwealth in the bleak past is being renewed, but the graphics can hopefully be improved. Even though Fallout 4 Next Gen rebuild has been launched, the question still requires an answer: whether it is worth visiting a post-apocalyptic planet.

However, this book is authored to impart vital information that you will need before entering the next-generation version of the barren land. These aspects include the game’s performance changes, potential drawbacks, and the answer to the most pressing question: What is the standing of the world that you have been fighting hard to keep?


Fallout 4 Next Gen: A Brief Overview

The wasteland has been woken again, and this time to the surprise, if not in horror, of Bethesda, who announced the next-generation upgrade for Fallout 4 quietly with the game updates. The Microsoft Xbox Series X and S, along with the PlayStation 5, are the primary devices that this update is proposed to solve. This encompasses not only the performance but also graphics enhancements. Other than that, there are a few more alterations in the update.

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What Platforms Does it Support?

Consequently, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S consoles can already provide the possibility to download the Fallout 4 update through their platforms. This update file is meant to be downloaded as. Currently, we do not have it up on other platforms.

The materials for this update are also accessible from this platform for your download. PC gamers would still be able to enjoy all the game’s capabilities and use mod support, even though they have yet to receive a special update for PC that introduces the game with the next-generation PC hardware. Because of this, the game is to cope and to adapt more.

What’s New and Improved?

The essential purpose of the Fallout 4 First Gen patch lies within the performance-wise fixes. It is the following.

  • Frame Rate Options: The new update offers a performance mode that sets a goal of 60 FPS, which may exceed the maximum requirements of both consoles.
  • Visual Tweaks and Improvements: At the same time, the graphical part is not obsolete, so the updates propose some noticeable improvements.
  • Increased draw distance: Look further into the horizon by constantly perceiving new radiation, which helps to manage tactical decision-making more adequately during a journey.
  • Higher quality textures: It’s like seeing things in 3D; everything stands out, and texture details are seen, offering a more immersive visual experience.
  • Improved lighting effects: Improved lighting may give the world a dimensional and mood-enhancing effect. Thus, the wasted places could be seen as living spaces.

Performance Enhancements:

The primary highlight of the Fallout 4 Next Gen upgrade is the work done to improve the performance. Let’s delve into the specifics: Let’s delve into the specifics:

Frame Rate Options:

The Born mode, which allows the game to play smoother and faster, is a welcome inclusion for players seeking a more efficient play style. Here’s what it entails:

  • Targeting 60 FPS: The game strives for 60 FPS frames to ensure a smooth screen and, thus, faster and more seamless fighting and exploring.

Visual Tweaks and Improvements:

While not a revolutionary visual upgrade, the implemented tweaks do enhance the overall look of the Commonwealth:

  • Increased draw distance:
    • Allows for spotting enemies and landmarks further away.
    • Enhances the sense of scale and vastness of the wasteland.
  • Higher quality textures:
    • Environments and objects appear sharper and more detailed.
    • Provides a more visually refined experience.
  • Improved lighting effects:
    • Enhanced lighting adds depth and atmosphere to various environments.
    • Creates a more immersive and dynamic visual experience.


The Flipside: Potential Issues and Drawbacks

While we appreciate the performance improvements, it’s crucial to acknowledge some potential drawbacks that might impact your decision.

Mod Compatibility Concerns:

Mods are a cornerstone of the Fallout 4 experience for many players. Here’s what to consider:

  • Potential incompatibilities: Modifying the game process may cause errors if certain mods are applied, and the chance to stop gameplay or crash the game may be increased.

    Modder updates are required: Modders, like developers, must ensure they update their projects to maintain compatibility with the game’s new “upgraded” version.
  • Research necessary: Before jumping right in, research the compatibility status of your main mods to keep you from being down on the last day of your installation.

Limited New Content:

The update primarily focuses on performance and visuals, offering no significant additions to the core gameplay experience:

  • No new story content: The game’s plot and tasks remain unchanged, but the graphics development package it in a new and exciting aesthetic.
  • No new areas to explore: The Commonwealth’s world map is not changeable by adding new excursion areas.
  • Focus on existing content: The gameplay advancement functions as a supplementary rather than a standalone addition to improve the gaming experience overall.


Fallout 4 Next Gen: Verdict – Should You Buy It?

Let’s answer the ultimate question: is Fallout 4 Next Gen worth your caps?

Who Should Consider the Upgrade:

  • New Players: If you’re a newcomer to Fallout 4 and own a next-gen console, the update offers a visually enhanced and potentially smoother experience to kickstart your wasteland adventure.
    • Enjoy a more visually refined Commonwealth.
    • Experience smoother gameplay with the performance mode.
  • Frame Rate Enthusiasts: Players who prioritize a smooth 60 FPS experience will appreciate the performance mode:
    • Enjoy a more responsive and fluid gameplay experience.
    • Benefit from faster frame rates during combat and exploration.

Who Might Be Better Off Sticking with the Original:

  • Mod-Heavy Players: If you rely heavily on specific mods that may not be compatible with the next-gen update, it might be best to stick with the original version for now:
    • Avoid potential disruptions to your preferred gameplay experience.
    • Wait for modders to update their creations for compatibility.
  • Content-Hungry Veterans: If you’ve extensively explored the Commonwealth and crave entirely new content, the update might not offer enough:
    • The core story and map remain unchanged.
    • No new quests or areas are introduced.

Should You Download the Fallout 4 Next Gen Update? A Quick Checklist:

Here’s a quick rundown to help you decide:

Download if:

  • Pretend you are a new player who is still getting used to navigating around Hitman: Blood Money.
  • You decide to prioritize an even flow of up to 60 FPS.
  • Thus, you don’t dive into the addiction of specific mods.

Consider sticking with the original version if:

  • There are plenty of extra mods; you need to know what is compatible with other mods or the game itself. Whether or not you are using additional files might affect the whole game. You learn the landmarks by heart.
  • You have already explored the entire Commonwealth, so now you are searching for unpublished material.

The most crucial consideration when determining whether or not to acquire Fallout 4, NextGen, is the individual’s preferences. Suppose you are willing to negotiate some mod compatibility difficulties and desire a more streamlined and graphically enhanced wasteland experience. In that case, the upgrade is something that you should consider.

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