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Ghost of Tsushima PC | Before You Purchase

Ghost of Tsushima PC

Ghost of Tsushima PC: A Gamer’s First Impression

Do you play PC games, and are you excited to dive into the fascinating world of Ghost of Tsushima? Wait no more, then! At last, available on PC, this much-awaited game. But let’s examine an introduction in more detail before setting out on your adventure. A PC Port Worth Investigating?

Ghost of Tsushima game screenshot

A PC Samurai Adventure at Last

From its debut, PlayStation players have been intrigued by Ghost of Tsushima, a gripping story about a samurai warrior seeking retribution. Players on PC can now finally embark on this incredible journey for themselves.

The Full-Price Steam Title Ghost of Tsushima

Jake says the Ghost of Tsushima PC port is generally good and provides a peek into the beautiful landscape and compelling narrative that enthralled console gamers. He points out some issues and drawbacks that PC players should know.

Ghost of Tsushima game screenshot

Examining the Visual Wonder of the Ghost of Tsushima

According to Jake, Ghost of Tsushima is visually stunning. The game offers stunning sunsets, calm woodlands, and verdant pastures on par with those in The Witcher 3. This vivid setting will leave you in wonder and transport you to feudal Japan.

A Complete Story That Keeps You Interest

Ghost of Tsushima, though, is more than simply a gorgeous face. Its gripping tale will keep you interested in the game. Jake gives the story high marks, alluded to as a gripping story that develops as you play.

Ghost of Tsushima game screenshot

Unwinding and Pleasurable Gaming

Jake says Ghost of Tsushima may be just what you’re looking for if you want a fun and soothing game. The game’s relatively easy gameplay lets you relax and take in the surrounding splendor.

Moments That Will Try Your Talents

That does not, however, imply that the game is easygoing. Moments will still try your abilities and keep you alert.

Ghost of Tsushima’s appeal goes beyond the single-player game. Jake points out the game’s major advantage, the extensive multiplayer mode, Legends. In this mode, teams of players can take on difficult cooperative tasks.

Ghost of Tsushima game screenshot

Complete Your Samurai Experience with Expansions

Jake says the Iki Island and Legends DLC made available for the PS4 version of Ghost of Tsushima are not included in the PC edition. Some gamers find this disappointing since the expansions provide fresh settings, difficulties, and narratives to discover.

However, it is possible that the expansions will be made available for the PC version later on. Though Sucker Punch Productions, the Ghost of Tsushima producers, hasn’t yet declared any intentions to release the expansions on PC, PC players should keep an eye out for it.

Ghost of Tsushima game screenshot

The core Ghost of Tsushima game still has a good deal of material to appreciate in the meanwhile. Ghost of Tsushima will provide you with many hours of enjoyment with its compelling tale, stunning open world, and interesting gameplay. Drawbacks to Take into Account Pre-Render Scenes and Geographic Restriction

Pre-rendered Cutscenes: An Improvement in Appearance?

Even if Jake is generally pleased with the Ghost of Tsushima PC port, there are a few drawbacks to consider. He draws attention to the fact that several cutscenes are pre-rendered and, when viewed on a widescreen PC monitor, are less visually striking than on the PS4 version.

This can be a little startling, particularly for those used to the smooth transition between gameplay and cinematics in contemporary games. It is noteworthy, however, that these pre-rendered cutscenes are nevertheless aesthetically spectacular and don’t greatly diminish the whole experience.

Ghost of Tsushima game screenshot

Legends Mode Regional Restrictions

Another possible disadvantage is the regional restriction on the Legends mode. As per Jake, Legends requires a PSN account, which may not be easily accessible in every area. For some PC players who are itching to try the cooperative multiplayer mode, this could be a barrier.

The drawbacks Jake listed are outlined here:

Pre-rendered cutscenes’ visual degradation: Though the graphics in-game are excellent, some cutscenes could look less detailed on PC displays.

Legends Mode Region Restriction: A PSN account—which might not be accessible in every area—is needed to play Legends mode.

Ultimately ruling: For Fans of Samurai, an Essential Play?

A Good Port That Recaptures the Spirit of the Original Game

Jake noticed a few minor issues like pre-rendered cutscenes, but overall, Ghost of Tsushima on PC is a good port that stays true to the original. Especially for those fascinated with samurai and feudal Japan, the fantastic graphics, gripping narrative, and entertaining gameplay make it an enjoyable experience.

GOT game screenshot

Unmissable for Fans of Feudal Japan and Samurai?

Considering Jake’s impressions, here are several reasons Ghost of Tsushima for PC might be a must-play for you:

Give Yourself Over to Feudal Japan: Discover a beautiful open world with verdant scenery, tranquil forests, and incredible views.

Turn into a Legendary Samurai: Develop swordsmanship and use powerful ghost tactics to defeat your foes.

Discover a Hooking Tale: Set in feudal Japan, take up an exciting journey for retribution and immerse yourself in a complex story.

Unwind and Take in the Beauty: The game provides a well-balanced gaming experience that lets you unwind and take in the beauty of the surroundings.

GOT game screenshot

Challenge Yourself in Combat: There are nevertheless times that will put your abilities to the test and keep you interested, even if the gameplay is approachable.

Assuming Legends Mode is accessible in your area, team up with friends: In the thrilling Legends mode, take on demanding cooperative missions with other players (PSN account required).

If you’re a PC player dying to dive into the world of Ghost of Tsushima and enjoy medieval Japan or samurai, Jake’s early observations indicate you won’t be let down. The game offers more benefits than drawbacks, and if you like open-world exploration, exciting combat, and a fascinating narrative, you’ll find it to be rather enjoyable.

GOT game screenshot

Ultimately Ruling: An Essential for Aspiring Samurai.

From Jake’s early observations, Ghost of Tsushima on PC looks to be a formidable contender for your next gaming experience. It could be a better port, but it does convey the spirit of what drew people into the original.

The whole breakdown is this:


  • Gorgeous graphics on par with other open-world behemoths
  • gripping narrative that never lets up
  • Gamers can enjoy both challenge and relaxation with balanced gaming.
  • Combining swordsmanship with ghost skills in the fight
  • When it’s accessible in your area, cooperative multiplayer in Thrilling Legends mode


  • Some pre-rendered cutscenes could look less detailed on PC displays.
  • Legends mode calls for a PSN account, which isn’t available everywhere
  • Legends and Iki Island expansions are not now available on PC (possible future release)

The Caveat: Legends mode’s regional limitations are a significant disadvantage for some gamers. Before buying the game, ensure your area permits access to PSN accounts if the cooperative multiplayer feature interests you.

GOT game screenshot

Broadly speaking:

For history lovers and samurai fans alike, Ghost of Tsushima on PC provides a stunning and immersive experience despite the drawbacks of pre-rendered cutscenes and certain regional restrictions. If you’ve been dying to play a PC game set in feudal Japan, the compelling narrative, gorgeous graphics, and exciting gameplay make it well worth the investment.

Ghost of Tsushima on PC may be the ideal experience for you if you’re prepared to face your adversaries and release your inner samurai. However, verify the Legends mode geographical limitations before drawing your katana.

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