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How to Earn a Top Voice Badge on LinkedIn

Earn a Top Voice Badge
Earn a Top Voice Badge

Think of having a badge that shows “Industry Expert” next to your name followed by LinkedIn. That’s the same when you Earn a Top Voice Badge – a desirable mark that increases popularity, builds reputation, and sets you among thought leaders in your field.

To Earn a Top Voice Badge means you get more traffic. LinkedIn ensures that your insights reach many people by making Top Voice content dominate the feeds. These greatly amplified campaigns provide opportunities for collaboration, speaking engagements, and even job openings.

LinkedIn top voice three badge names

Now you know that the Top Voice Badge is the key to your success. Let’s see what you should do. Strap yourselves in, because we’re soon going to discuss the strategies that will ensure maximum visibility!

Knowing About the Two Kinds of Top Voice Badges:

Community Top Voice Badge (Gold Badge):

This badge is used to designate you as an outstanding contributor within the skill set. Make it your focus to become the “Most Insightful” among your colleagues regarding a given topic.

LinkedIn Top Voice Badge (Blue Badge):

This top-level industry badge clearly marks you out as an authority. Such designation is an exclusive honor granted only to the finest thinkers in the Q&A space.

The good news? Earning a Community Top Voice Badge can grab LinkedIn’s attention and significantly boost your chances of receiving an invitation to the Top Voice program.

Becoming a Top Voice: Tactics to Shine on LinkedIn

Sharpen Your Expertise: No one will listen to mere generic recommendations. Set yourself as the number one source for insights in your field by regularly publishing valuable, well-researched content.

Content is King (and Queen): Periodically, publish with tips, tutorials, or other educational pieces that demonstrate your expertise, while also providing novel insights.

Spark Conversations: It’s not only about broadcasting; it’s also crucial to actively engage with your audience. Participate in dialogues, discussions, and networking opportunities with other professionals to foster meaningful connections.

Leverage Collaborative Articles: They provide opportunities to connect with other industry influencers, who can also share their expertise. Support meaningful and quality comments in an attempt to position yourself as an industry expert.

Consistency is Key: A good reputation construction is a time and effort-consuming activity. Stay LinkedIn active by regularly posting valuable content and talking with your audience.

Keep in mind that achieving the title of Top Voice entails a marathon race, not a sprint. None of these strategies is difficult to implement, provided you have a passion for them and maintain consistency in their execution.

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