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iPad Pro M4: Is the $3600 Price Tag Justified?

iPad Pro M4

The iPad Pro M4: A Powerhouse on Paper

In April of 2024, Apple officially launched the long-awaited iPad Pro M4, with the stellar M4 chip and others amazing upgrades. The M4 is a formidable device from the outside as it is capable of delivering desktop-level performance in a portable tablet form factor. While the initial expense is quite steep – $3260 – is it really worth it?The iPad Pro M4 has a weighty price tag so it is time to check it to see that it is worth that price tag.

Source: Apple

The M4 Chip: Desktop-Grade Performance in a Tablet.

The M4 chip, launched just yesterday, is the powerhouse behind the iPad Pro M4’s capability. Based on the M1 and M2 chip success, the M4 chip offers twice as fast working speed and even better energy efficiency at the same time. Apple claims that the M4 is twenty percent faster than the M2 in terms of CPU performance, and the graphics performance is thirty percent better. Consequently, there is a more rapid and smooth multitasking process, faster editing of videos, and a smoother workflow of demanding creatives apps.

Source: Apple

Enchanting Liquid Retina XDR Display

Fascinating exhibits are a tradition that Apple has kept with the iPad Pro M4. The Liquid Retina XDR, with its outstanding, ultra-high-resolution panel and mini-LED backlighting, is one of the things the product is endowed with. This technology is the best one for creative and color issue professionals because it offers an incredible contrast ratio, deeper blacks, and vibrant colors. The display of the iPad Pro M4 is a natural beauty that should be enjoyed, whether you are editing photos, designing graphics, or just watching a movie.

ProMotion Technology: Soft Scrolling and High Responsiveness.

The latest iPad Pro M4 is integrated with the ProMotion technology, so it can refresh the display on the screen at 120Hz. On the other hand, this not only contributes to the smoothness of scrolling but also makes the web pages look very dynamic and responsive. In particular, the user’s experience increases because of the ease of scrolling through the pages. You can relax knowing that you will go through a lag-free and enjoyable experience whether you are playing games, drawing with the Apple Pencil, or browsing the web because of ProMotion.

Advanced Cameras: You will have the ability to make images and videos with excellent quality and look.

Even if cameras are not the foremost thing why someone would want to purchase an iPad Pro M4, the device still has some of the most appealling cameras. The rear setup consisting of a dual-lens system, which provides both a comprehensive and an ultrawide sensor helps you to take high-quality photographs and videos. Moreover, the built-in front-facing camera has led to an exponential improvement in the online meeting experience and pictures taken by the phone users themselves.

Source: Apple

Thunderbolt 4 provides a notably fast connection for advanced data transfer.

The Thunderbolt 4 ports of the iPad Pro M4, which are the standard ports of the iPad, allow for much faster data transfer speeds than those offered by the earlier models of the iPad. Therefore, it will enable you to manage peripherals with ease, that come with a high resolution displays, external storages, etc. Thanks to its vast capacity to connect it becomes an all-encompassing appliance for professionals who require getting data within the shortest time for tasks like video editing or file transferability.

But is the Power Worth the Price? Evaluating Your Needs

No doubts are left-behind, as the iPad Pro M4 has unity of power and ability. This pricing comparison with some high-end laptop makes many people question whether it is the right choice to buy it. In order to help you in taking a decision, let us analyze the different users’ requirements.

The creative advertiser’s perfect apparatus or machine?

The iPad Pro M4 may be a game changer for creative professionals like graphic designers, video editors, and visual artists who work in 3 dimensions. By the virtue of the joint efficacy between the M4 chip to take care of the higher energy demands and not to lag the functions, the stunning display and the ProMotion technology, the mobile workstation is suitable to work with the most power-thus acute or sensitive applications. While the transportability of the product enables you to engage in your work even while on the move, the device’s performance does not have to suffer. Apart from the transportation feature, another significant advantage is that.

Students and Casual Users: Can Life Without It?

On the other hand, people like students or casual users who mostly rely on their tablets for web browsing, note taking, and enjoying media may be in the other end. They may think the iPad Pro M4 is offering an unnecessary sophisticated feature. The 2020 model or even the more advanced iPad Air with the transition-to-M1 chip that is considered to provide sufficient performance at only $300 less than the new Ultra starting from $3600 is a much cheaper option than the base model with the new M4 chip that costs $500 more. This is a significant increase of the price.

Consider Trade-Ins and Upgrade Options.

The M4 model might keep a high price tag for both creative professionals and others which may serve as the barrier for them to own one. Before settling on a choice, it is essential to take into account the following additional aspects: Before deciding on an option, it is necessary to take into account the following additional elements:

Apple offers a very good trade-in program for old iPads, which can be used to buy the newer iPads. In that aspect, you could adjust the price of the new iPad Pro M4 by recognizing the value of your current one.

Upgrade Choices

iPad Pro M4 can be purchased in different configurations, each of which has a different storage capacity. On the latter here, the starting price of the base model with 128GB goes $3600. However, the higher storage options of 512GB or 1TB capacity are another thing that will significantly add to the cost. Analyze your storage needs ultimately, selecting a configuration that will process them most effectively. For instance, if you will only be saving a couple of videos or large files, the 128GB variant is enough for your needs. Yet, for professionals who need a place to save their large photo-files or even videos, the storage space of the higher levels maybe the requirement.

Consider Alternatives:

In summary, the iPad Pro M4 is powerful enough to operate multiple programs simultaneously, but if you plan to spend larger sums of money, there are other possibilities which you can consider. The iPad Air, with the M1 chip, is a true work of art. Its outstanding performance is achieved at a price that is much more realistic. In it the artists successfully evoke more different sensitivities.

Creative or mundane approaches to daily chores. Besides, some computers, such as the powerful laptops running Windows or macOS, will be more appropriate for creative tasks.

This situation demands your attention, as you’ll need to install a program not currently available on your iPad. On the same note, if your priority lies in the capacity to multitask superbly with the possibility of utilizing numerous windows, the laptops could suit you better.

Is the iPad Pro M4 the one that will fit your needs? That is the verdict.

When we talk about this point of concern, there is no “one size fits all” solution. There is no arguing here that the iPad Pro M4 is a macho gadget, but at the same time, it accounts for good money, so caution is a must.

The new iPad Pro M4 may be an exciting alternative for those creative professionals who require the best from their device in terms of its speed, portability, and stunning color depth. This is very true if they make use of the trade-in programs. The captivating Motion ProDt display delivers an exceptional user experience, while the M4 chip ensures even the most demanding programs run smoothly.

iPad’s casual consumers and students will reap more significant benefits with the regular iPad or the iPad Air version. These are definitely a much better choice for everyday activities and fundamental creative work at a much more affordable price.

The Final Thoughts

Compact and easy-going, the iPad Pro M4 is a tablet that is willing to experiment and expand to what mobile computing can achieve. The fact that it is so expensive makes it a specialized product designed for the experts who need the best quality possible. Before you make a decision, be sure to enumerate your requirements and ponder rationally on the options you have.

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