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Top 10 New FPS Games of 2024

10 FPS Games of 2024

2024 is going to be a great year for first-person shooter (FPS) games. This blog is about the 10 FPS Games of 2024. A lot of gamers are looking forward to these games. We have everything from horde shooters to post-apocalyptic journeys. The buddy road movie vibe in John Carpenter’s Toxiс Commando, which is ranked tenth, is sure to make it interesting.

Saber Interactive is working with the famous horror director John Carpenter on this co-op game. If the game is anything like its trailer, it will be very fun to play. The game uses Bon Jovi music throughout. You will be able to play John Carpenter’s Toxiс Commando on a PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC later this year.


Phantom Fury is a prequel to Bombshell and a follow-up to Ion Fury. Both of those games were based on the Build Engine, which this game also uses. However, instead of making it look old, they made it look new – or at least like how we remember games looking in 1990. It kind of reminds me of when I went back to my old high school after being away at college for a few years and thinking, “Man, this place looks like a dump!” only to then look at pictures from when I was actually in high school and realize that it looked way better than college ever did. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Phantom Fury! It’s out on PC on April 23.


Vreski’s Untitled FPS

At number eight we have “Untitled FPS” by Vreski. The game that is being created by two people only amazes you. It essentially brings together the First Person Shooter genre with the realistic graphics of a “Max Payne. fashion. The lighting and gun mechanics are exemplary, and that detail alone makes the game visually stunning and immersive. Still bearing no official name currently, though, “Vreski’s Untitled FPS” has already shown itself to have quite a huge following among gamers.


Agent 64

“Agent 64: After “Spy Never Dies”, the story takes seventh place. We pay tribute to the “GoldenEye 64” game and the goal is to convey the same slow but target-accurate motion and AI powered by 64-bit technology. While other game opponents have aimed to regain the glory of “GoldenEye 64,” “Agent 64” appears to have accomplished this mission. Replicant D6 builds it and calls it “An Echo of the Past,” Therefore, the new game can be an excellent heir to the legendary title giving the players a nostalgic, but improved experience. Keep an eye out for the release date of “Agent 64: Since the ending of “Spies Never Die” is coming up in autumn.


Pioner” is a new game with a post-apocalyptic Soviet island setting and it draws inspiration from well-known games such as “Fallout”, “Borderlands”, and Escape from Tarkov”. The game was developed with the narrative, survival, and crafting elements being the game story plot directions and it promises an exciting combination of Pv The game’s location is one of its main characteristics and its diversity in the sources of inspiration makes it a success. Still, the entering of microtransactions may destroy the general gameplay. However, “Pioner” is an attractive game, rich in visual attributes, with intense gameplay, and this is exactly what the players are expecting.


Next is a game called “Mouse” which brings together noir style and superpowers. Albeit it may remind some players of “BioShock,” it is to be distinctly emphasized that “Mouse” is a unique IP that has nothing to do with Steamboat Willie IP. The unique visual design and entertaining gameplay make it an exciting new FPS game. The “Mouse” release date is not yet set, but the game will surely be worth waiting for.


Luna Abyss

“Luna Abyss” takes fourth position on our list with its awesome story-driven action-adventure gameplay. In the demo, players can already feel the distinct visual style mostly using a single color of the area. The combination of bullet hell mechanics with platforming elements in “Luna Abyss” leads to unique and difficult gameplay. With comparisons to games like “BioShock,” “NieR: “Automata”, “and “Mirror’s Edge”, “Luna Abyss” presents the FPS genre in a completely novel way. Don’t forget to try out the demo to get a taste of what this eccentric game is like.


Clockwork Revolution

The “Clockwork Revolution” game has been inspired by the great “BioShock Infinite” and it provides gamers with a gripping narrative-based FPS experience. The game has, similarly to “BioShock Infinite,” time manipulation mechanics, with which players modify the world around them. “Clockwork Revolution” has a captivating story and stunning graphics. It is set to become a top choice for fans of the FPS genre and those who enjoy engaging storylines.



ExeKiller“, from the “ExcerKiller” series, is the title I chose for my main article that concentrates on the engaging storyline. In the role of a bounty hunter, players will take on a series of missions in a semi-open-world environment. In their chase, they will use a stunning retrofuturistic hover car, their magnificent weapon. The game’s narrative pace, demonstrated in the trailer, embodies a well-comforting gameplay. Provided that the gameplay will kindle the aforementioned expectations, “ExeKiller” will be the game that FPS aficionados aptly should wait for.



STALKER 2 “Heart of Chernost” is a next-gen sequel to the “STALKER 2” series, which has made its unusually long wait worthwhile for fans. “STALKER 2” continues the success of its first parts and provides players with an improved experience during which they will enjoy the best graphics in the first-person shooter genre with a huge area for exploration located in the middle of Chornobyl The storyline, the seamless gameplay system and the self-propelled sensory connection with the players is the recipe hence the most talked about 10 FPS Games of 2024. The release date for STALKER 2 has yet to be defined, but every FPS fan should follow it in order not to miss a great new arrival.


Bonus Games

Terminator: Survivors – an open-world survival game in the post-apocalyptic “Terminator” world of machines vs rebels.

Metro Awakening – a tale-based, first-person VR adventure, which is the first of its kind in the Squad franchise and provides an exceptional experience.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops – a multiplayer tactical shooter based on the movie “Black Hawk Dawn” and free-to-play made by gamers like you for the enjoyment of the others, captive by the element of surprise and fast-paced firefights.

Soulslinger: Envoy of Death – a Western epic RPG which has a mystical par with futuristic elements, and brings a thrilling new phase to experiences of games.

ExoMecha – The game mixes elements of “Crysis” and “Halo” to create fast and action-infused gameplay, making it an extrasoccer shooter.

Crashing Floor 3 – a kind of awesome “AAA” update of the “Killing Floor” series, which will reveal the real emotions and beauty.

Sand – an MMO FPS based on desert scenery by walking ships, which is extra beautiful and provides an environment that is both appealing and unique to populate and explore.

Sharp-fangs is a first-person “Turok-style” shoot that offers to taste and, as a result, feel the experience of hunting with dinosaurs, giving adrenaline and unique excitement.


In the year 2024, FPS gamers can expect an exciting time with many innovations. The battle royale or hoard shooters with the diversity of gaming you watch people undergo mind-blowing adventures to “feel” the plot of media ipsum.

The Top 10 FPS Games of 2024 meet all of them, from 16-bit pixel art to digital image quality. Add those dates to your calendar and fearlessly enter into these perfect shooter games of 2024.

The Globally’s 10 FPS Games of 2024: Let us know what you think in the comments.

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