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Black Gaming Keyboard by Wooting – 80HE

Black Gaming Keyboard
Black Gaming Keyboard

Have you noticed that sometimes when you feel like you’re playing your favorite game with fast-paced as well, you’re a split second behind? Can you feel yourself ready to push the button and suddenly you are feeling like your fingers are just too slow? Knowing that Wooting has the perfect remedy for what you need, their newest creation, the Wooting 80HE Black Gaming keyboard, may do the trick for you.

80HE Keyboard RGB On

What is it about the Wooting keyboards that make them so unique?

With “Rapid Trigger” being the key technology used by Wooting, the company has gone on to gain popularity among the gaming community as it is fast enough to be game-changing.

80HE Inner view

What is the current hottest trend of “Rappy Snappy”?

The Wooting 80HE goes next up bringing out the “Rappy Snappy” feature which is dedicated to making some of the in-game special moves even faster. Take, for instance, a game like a fighting one. It is here that you need to perform a quick combo. Due to Rappy Snappy mode, the Black Gaming Keyboard is switched on to an ability to register keystrokes with a small delay, giving you an advantage of one millisecond.

Is Wooting 80HE the one you are looking for?

The Wooting 80HE is an excellent choice for those gamers who are on the verge of ascertaining every ounce of an edge over their opponents. However, the Black Gaming keyboard is a little pricey on average with the lowest price of $200.

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Colors Available:

Black/White/Build your own

Wooting 80HE Black Gaming Keyboard
Wooting 80HE White
Wooting 80HE Build your own


Celeste Adaptive Pressure technology for replacing traditional mechanical switches.

Users will be able to use the “Rappy Snappy” feature to get their in-game moves just as quickly as possible.

There are many combinations that you can choose from when it comes to material and invitation colors.


Costly versus other gaming keyboards on the market.

The Wooting 80HE is a keyboard that is a powerhouse that can give gamers an edge in competitive play. Nevertheless, the high tag pricing can be an obstacle for those who are just enthusiasts.

Overall, Wooting 80HE is a very competitive choice for gamers. However, price might be a big question for some regular gamers.

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